What I Want

I want to teach my students how to listen to their true selves.

I want to help my students understand that writing is a process, that revision isn’t “fixing,” that there was nothing broken or wrong in the first place.  

I want schools to be radically different.

I want my classroom to have big wooden conference tables and serious chairs for our discussions.  I want comfy chairs, a couch maybe, for reading — and computers for writing.

I want people to talk with each other in person instead of over an intercom in that awful non-human announcement voice.

I want decisions to be made based on the people involved, not bureaucratic rules.

I want fewer hoops to jump through, more joy.  It isn’t’ that I’m not interested in serious work–I am — I ask my students to engage in serious work all the time, but true work of the mind is joyful.  

1 thought on “What I Want

  1. diana Corey

    Patty, did you ever visit the Greenfield Center School in Greenfield, MA? This is/was the mother ship of the Responsive Classroom. Ken H and I visited, and some of us did 1-2 day and even a week-long institute in RC techniques. The kind of atmosphere we witnessed at GCS is just what you’re describing/dreaming of here (bliss) ….a VERY different school culture from that seen in most places, alas.


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