ImageA long while ago, I made mention of the fact that I was going to blog here about training for the Pan Mass Challenge, and I’ve been neglectful.  I have been training, just not blogging about it.  And in the late winter, when I made the commitment to ride 192 miles in two days and to raise the $4300 necessary (REQUIRED) of each rider to participate, I was wildly excited. I was feeling strong and in good riding shape– in spite of the fact that I’m at least 20 pounds heavier than I’d like to be right now.  But what I’ve noticed is that since the spring, I’ve lost a bit of interest in training.  I don’t want to HAVE to ride — and when I HAVE to ride, I’m not always enjoying it as much as I’d like.

Early in the spring, I logged some pretty consistent miles, riding most Saturdays and Sundays.  As the days got longer, I managed to get in some good afternoon rides when the school day was over.  And then — June.  Along with June comes the end of school and all its grading–which for me means nothing-but-reading-papers.  Seriously.  It’s just about all I can manage.  After school let out, I headed off to a week at The Porches for a long-awaited writing retreat with friends, and I spent five glorious days just writing–not riding–but working on my novel, revising, creating an ending.  After I returned from The Porches, I had visitors — first my sister and niece, then my mother and her husband — both wonderful, fun visits — and I even managed a 56 mile ride while my mother was visiting.

Now, here it is July, and the PMC is just three weeks away!  I logged in three good rides the first week of July, but this week, I’ve been thwarted by rain — I’m just not hard core enough (this year) to ride in the rain, though I really need the miles and hill training.  So, I’ve made some plans to ride next week and am hoping for sun.  I’ll try to keep you posted.  Because whether or not I’m ready, on August 3rd, I’m going to hop on my bike in Sturbridge, MA and pedal for 110 miles to Bourne, MA — only to get up the next day and pedal 82 more all the way to Provincetown.

So, if you want to give me and my (non) training a little push, feel free to head over to my PMC page and donate:

EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR RAISED goes DIRECTLY to patient care or research at Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  Thanks in advance– and I hope to see you out on the bike!

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