Butterflies and Barbecue

butterfly on red flowers  What a lovely week! If you haven’t made it to the Butterflies Alive! exhibit at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden (open through mid-October), you should. It’s magical. Trust me. You should go. You won’t regret it. If you click here: http://www.timesdispatch.com/butterflies-live-cam/ you should be able to see a live cam of the butterflies.

Here are a couple more pictures that do not capture their real beauty or the truly magical quality of being in the butterfly “room” while these creatures fly and land on plants, the floor, your shoulder.  black butterfly And here’s another:

white butterfly

What a delight!  I took my friend Connie to see the butterflies after we got back from five days of glorious writing at The Porches: http://porcheswritingretreat.com –. Both of us finished novel revisions, and I worked on an essay revision and started a new essay.  Best way to begin the summer. The butterflies kept us feeling other-worldly for just  a bit longer.  We finished off the day at Buzz and Ned’s Barbecue, for its own “otherworldly” qualities!  Delicious.

I’m also re-reading Walden in preparation for an upcoming workshop–APPROACHING WALDEN — to be held at the Thoreau Institute in Massachusetts. I leave in two days, and I’m pretty excited to see what the workshop entails.  For teachers, the idea is to help us develop a curriculum based on “place” — and I’m either going to work on my English 11/American Literature curriculum or my nonfiction writing curriculum — I’ll wait to see when I get there.  And, I’ll keep you posted. No matter what, it should be interesting.  I have some thoughts on Thoreau to post later too — it’s rather astounding how relevant his words are still, in 2014.

Tonight, it’s off to see THE COLOR PURPLE — the musical:  http://va-rep.org/show_color_purple.html.  And then — off to New England and the Transcendentalists!

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