Vermont Writing Retreat!

WhenWords Count signI was lucky enough to win a stay at When Words Count Writing Retreat in Rochester, VT, so I’m here for three days to edit my novel. I look out onto snowy fields, geese chattering, squawking. It isn’t spring yet, not here; it’s mud season, a fact we quite literally stumbled onto — or should I say drove onto when we turned to head up the unpaved road, mud ruts deep and slippery. We didn’t get stuck, luckily, but the drive was harrowing. This morning, temperatures hover just below freezing — good news for those attempting to navigate the dirt road–and maybe good news, too, for those of us here to write. The tattered American flag blows steadily. Trees are barren, snow-capped mountains off in the distance. This is rugged New England beauty, the stark beginning of spring. I’m happy to look at it all from the coziness of the Dickinson room, comfortable with lovely views but not the premiere room: FScott room

Pictures of F Scott and Zelda abound:

F Scott and Zelda

And evidence of writers and writing everywhere — a view of the “Salon:”

Gertrude typewriter

Shortly after our arrival yesterday late afternoon, we were treated to wine and hors d’oeuvres in the salon, a roaring fire in the fireplace. We are well-fed: three meals a day prepared by the on-site chef. Who wouldn’t trust a chef whose kitchen is adorned with pictures such as these?


Time now to get to work! More later —

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