holding at bayThis is how it feels, those last minutes of vacation, of free time, the work week looming. It’s Labor Day, summer’s end. And how we want to keep those days of fall from approaching! How we long to keep summer here — days of sunshine and beach,  when we don’t have anything pressing to do. If we just…if we just…

But inevitably, the day arrives when we have to go back to work. The vacation ends. Fall arrives.

I empathize with this boy, trying valiantly to hold the tide at bay. Our whole lives can feel like this —  our children grow up, they go to college, get married — and each milestone brings change to our lives. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just hold it all back? Can’t we just keep things as they are?

Of course we can’t. Nor, really, do we want them to. And Nature reminds us of this fact. The tide reminds us as it comes and goes — advancing and retreating whether we want it to or not, the force greater than any of us and any walls we might put up.

Fall, for teachers, is like this. A new season. New students. Time to get it right. Here we go!

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